Film Festival – Coming March 15th

SLOIFFThe 2016 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival is back.The Film Festival has been delivering a cornucopia of films from around the country and the world since 1993.

The mission of the Film Festival is simple:
To entertain, educate and inspire film-goers and filmmakers.
Movies Matter!

For me the San Luis Obispo International Film Fest is a joy to attend. Seeing films that have been selected from the hundreds of entries means to me that I will be seeing the creme of the crop of new independent films in so many genres that I might have never selected on my own. Tie that together with stories that might not be seen anywhere other than a Film Festival and you have an experience that definitely worth your time. Now add on the ability to speak to the film directors, creators, designers and Film Festival - San Luis Obispoactors makes for an incredible experience. What more can I say! The Film Festival plays from March 15th thru March 20th, 2016 all across San Luis Obispo County. Click here for the Venue List.
See the Film Festival website for a list of movies, and please be patient as the list is morphing as I write this article. They are shifting, selecting, screening, and positioning film day and night.
The locals are lucky to have such a quality event right in the center of the county. For those of you in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Fresno, Bakersfield, Sacramento or anywhere else in the state, there could not be a better excuse to come and visit one of the happiest places on earth. Come on over to San Lusi Obispo and soak up some fun, and films. The beach, the wine, the monarchs, the otters, the whales, the elephant seals, Hearst Castle, Farmers Market, they are all waiting for you here in San Luis Obispo, along with, of course, The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival March 15th thru March 20th, 2016.

Opera – Live in Atascadero

Opera Live in Atascadero from The Met in New YorkOpera in Atascadero? Many would ask and say, not here! It is not available. However Live Opera is now available on the big screen at the Galaxy Theater in Atascadero! The New York Metropolitan Opera (or just The Met for those who are opera buffs) is one of the best, if not the best, places for opera on the planet.

For many opera enthusiasts a dream might be to go to the Met once. Seeing the opera streamed has many advantages. At the Galaxy Theatre in Atascadero every seat is a premium seat to enjoy the New York Metropolitan Opera. Here’s why – Continue reading “Opera – Live in Atascadero”

So You Dropped Your Cell Phone Into Water

Well it happens. Either you or someone you know has or will drop their phone into water. Be it a puddle, pool, toilet or lake, here are the steps to follow, and it is a good Idea to know them in advance to prevent the possibility of making the mistake of pulling it out of the water and trying to turn it on! There are a few steps to follow and it a real money saving process to follow the steps in order! This can save your phone and hundreds of dollars, as, for many, water damage is not covered in the warranty. So pass this tip on to your friends and associates. Someday they will know someone who needs this procedure.

Google Art Project – Travel the World

Google Art Project
Google Art Project - The Merchant - Berlin
The people at Google have done it again! What a wonderful idea to make world class art available to everyone worldwide. Imagine going to see the masterpieces of art around the world from your home. Imagine scholars and teachers being able to study and compare in detail, works from various museums all over the planet. Well Google has done it!

Continue reading “Google Art Project – Travel the World”

Colony Days 2015

2015-buttonsThe 2015 Colony Days theme is “Volunteers on Parade,” and we are celebrating the driving force behind many of the events and organizations around Atascadero.

Just like Colony Days, which has been volunteer driven since 1973, many establishments thrive on the hard work that is done behind the scenes by those who give their precious time to specific causes.

Volunteers on Parade celebrates all the hard work that volunteers give to make Atascadero a wonderful place to live, work, and play — it is the best way we know how to say “thank you.”