Spring is in Full Bloom!

rose1As The temperatures rise and the rains have sprinkled a bit of happiness on our town, the plants all respond like gangbusters! The roses are blooming, the iris are in almost peak bloom and color is everywhere. Along with this is the plethora of unwanted plant that must be wacked, pulled, or mowed. The face of the city is lovely. May your garden be in a state of happiness. Send your favorite garden pictures and the finest ones will be posted her on atascadero.net you localTwo-tone-iris town blog.

Send those photos in Monarchjpg or png format to editor@atascadero.net. Thanks

Atascadero’s Scariest Haunted House has the most Heart

Being scared should be fun
by Creig P. Sherburne

Haunted House CrewATASCADERO — Chris Towers has been ruining Halloween with a haunted house since 1991, and this year’s promises to be the biggest, most elaborate haunt yet. This year, it will run on Wednesday, Oct. 30, Thursday, Oct. 31 and Friday, Nov. 1 beginning at 6 p.m. each night.

“It’s huge,” Towers said. “It’s taken over the bottom floor of my home. The front yard, the back yard, the side yard. It’s the last year we can do it at my house, it’s so big.”

Towers said that his haunt started small, back in 1991. It was little more than a haunted Continue reading

Preserving The Land


  “Location; location; location.”

 We’ve all heard that old adage about choosing a certain property to purchase. For most of us, real estate will be one of the most significant purchases we make in our lives, and we want to make sure we get the best value for our money. Yet, one hundred years ago, a visionary young man from the East was able to convince thousands of Americans (and immigrants) to relocate to California to establish Continue reading

Brickyard Theatre 2013 Production


After a year hiatus, the critically acclaimed Brickyard Theater in Atascadero will be bringing Yasmina Reza’s The Unexpected Man to the stage in September.

cropped-small-headerOn a train traveling from Paris to Frankfurt, two strangers, a man and woman,  share a compartment. He – a famous writer known for being Continue reading

Revisiting the Vision of E.G. Lewis

E.G.Lewis - Founder of Atascadero

E.G.Lewis – Founder of Atascadero

Maybe he was just born a hundred years too soon.

Yes, he was clearly caught up in the “forward thinking” of his day, championing votes and education for women. His visionary optimism and charisma charmed and attracted hundreds to consider his ideas for developing a “utopian society”—and many current residents of Atascadero might be shocked and amused to learn that our fair city WAS that utopian society.
When E.G. Lewis set out to establish a colony here in Central California, he literally convinced thousands that this was a land flowing with milk and honey—and if not that, a land that would Continue reading